Spring?! Dandelion Acceptance, Skirts, and the Encyclopedia of Stitchery

I am finally feeling optimistic enough about Spring being potentially on it’s way that I can talk about it out loud. It has been really cold in Saskatchewan where I live. I mean REALLY REALLY cold. If you have been to or heard of Saskatchewan you’re probably thinking Isn’t that normal? Well, yes. But even Saskatchewan doesn’t normally have as much snow in March as we do right now. And -25 to 30 Celsius temps are usually behind us. Not this year. However! The forecast for this week is looking promising – we are supposed to have above 0 temps in our future! So on that happy note here’s what’s been going on lately:

Here is my latest finished embroidery project:
I have had this idea in my head and then in my sketchbook for along time – so I am happy to say here it is in real life! I’ve always thought dandelions were pretty even though they’re considered weeds. When I heard this quote I really loved the message. I think a big part of being a happy well rounded person is all about seeing the positive and the good in people, things, and situations. Dandelions can be really beautiful if you choose to see them that way.


This 10″ hoop art is for sale in my Etsy shop! you can find it here http://www.ceestitchery.etsy.com


I have been really into skirts lately. I should also mention I love dresses. I pretty much always wear them, seeing me in pants is rare. So I’m really excited about incorporating more skirts into my life for spring and summer. What I’m most excited about is finding some unique fabrics and prints to sew my own skirts. This is one that I’ve made recently. I hope to do a skirt post in the near future when I get some more sewn!



Last but not least – I snagged a copy of “The Complete Encyclopeida of Stitchery” this weekend! It is filled with lots of great illustrations like this one and some stitches I haven’t tried and even a few I haven’t heard of!

Well that’s just a little peak into my latest creative adventures. I hope Spring is starting to show up where ever it is you may be reading from! Keep your fingers crossed for me that one day our dreams may come true and it will come to Saskatchewan too 😉

“No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.” -Hal Borland


3 thoughts on “Spring?! Dandelion Acceptance, Skirts, and the Encyclopedia of Stitchery

  1. I really like dandelions but unfortunately it’s not up to me to decide how our garden looks… When I’ll have my own garden, it’s sure to be full of dandelions! I love the message in your project – how things look always depends on how you look at them. ♥ Have to say that trying to see everything in a more positive light has really made me a happier person.

    The weather in Saskatchewan (had to google it, never heard of it before, sorry :D) sounds like what we had here in Finland a couple of weeks ago. There’s still an awful lot of snow but at least we’re getting some sun here now! Even though I like winter a lot, this year I can’t wait for all the snow to melt away. I hope the sun will find its way to Saskatchewan soon!

    • Thanks Lorainne! The sun has been out in full force which we have been really lucky for! Now all we need is for this cold front to go away for good – I think that wish is starting to come true hopefully! I hope we are free of snow here and you are too very soon. As much as every season has it’s good points I think we’re all ready for some spring and summer. Great to hear from someone from Finland and interesting to find out what the weather is like there, thanks for the comment!


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