120 zipper pouches in 14 days

Well, I took on something a little crazy recently. I was asked by an event planner to sew 120 embroidered zipper pouches for an event. When I was originally asked I thought I would have almost a month to finish them. However, by the time all the details were ironed out I only had two weeks. But… I really didn’t want to pass up a great opportunity. So I said yes, and was determined I was going to get it done on time. I couldn’t believe myself to be honest. I didn’t even know how I was going to find that many zippers on such short notice (there aren’t a lot of sewing supply stores where I live). But with some help from my amazing family I rounded up all the supplies. I’m lucky I have people who were willing to help me find everything and even pick some of it up for me.

So I basically sewed constantly for 2 weeks. It was hard. They’re pretty simple pouches to sew, but 120 is a lot. Especially when you’re embroidering the same thing on every.single.one. Even though it was super overwhelming, I realized there’s something to be said for that feeling of completing honest, hard work. This felt less like art and more like a one person assembly line, but I made every single one from scratch with my own two hands, and that feels pretty good.

My pouches were for a portion of an event for women entreprenuers sponsored by Etsy Canada. 120 women received a gift card in one of these:


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Singer sewing machine dreams coming true

Ever since I started sewing I have dreamed about owning a vintage Singer sewing machine. Well that day came a couple of weeks ago, and I am now the proud owner of this beauty:Image

This is actually the third one I’ve come across. The first one I stumbled upon at a flea market and battled with myself the whole time trying to decide if I should buy it. It was beautiful and only $50. However when I went back to look again, it had been sold. It was sad, but I guess not meant to be. The second one I  found was at a another flea market. It was in way worse condition than the first one and the man selling it was really pushy. Once again, just didn’t seem like the right one, so I passed it up.

This time my friend happened to find this one at a thrift shop. When she saw it she texted me pictures right away. I was unsure at first but decided it wouldn’t hurt to go look after work. So I did. And instantly fell in love. This one was perfect. It was in great condition, still working, and I love love loved the table. It was a lot more compact than the other ones I’d seen. I honestly probably would buy the table for my home even if it didn’t come with the sewing machine, it was so perfect. I just knew this time. Probably the fact that I had turned down two others already made it easier to say yes this time. So, $75 later and I own a vintage Singer sewing machine! Dreams really do come true.

The Singer website is amazing. It was so easy to date my machine. They have model and serial numbers listed which match up with the year the machines were manufactured in. My machine was made in 1948. http://www.singerco.com/support/machine-model-numbers

Now I just want to learn everything I can about vintage Singer sewing machines! I’m so happy I found the right one ❤

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Spring?! Dandelion Acceptance, Skirts, and the Encyclopedia of Stitchery

I am finally feeling optimistic enough about Spring being potentially on it’s way that I can talk about it out loud. It has been really cold in Saskatchewan where I live. I mean REALLY REALLY cold. If you have been to or heard of Saskatchewan you’re probably thinking Isn’t that normal? Well, yes. But even Saskatchewan doesn’t normally have as much snow in March as we do right now. And -25 to 30 Celsius temps are usually behind us. Not this year. However! The forecast for this week is looking promising – we are supposed to have above 0 temps in our future! So on that happy note here’s what’s been going on lately:

Here is my latest finished embroidery project:
I have had this idea in my head and then in my sketchbook for along time – so I am happy to say here it is in real life! I’ve always thought dandelions were pretty even though they’re considered weeds. When I heard this quote I really loved the message. I think a big part of being a happy well rounded person is all about seeing the positive and the good in people, things, and situations. Dandelions can be really beautiful if you choose to see them that way.


This 10″ hoop art is for sale in my Etsy shop! you can find it here http://www.ceestitchery.etsy.com


I have been really into skirts lately. I should also mention I love dresses. I pretty much always wear them, seeing me in pants is rare. So I’m really excited about incorporating more skirts into my life for spring and summer. What I’m most excited about is finding some unique fabrics and prints to sew my own skirts. This is one that I’ve made recently. I hope to do a skirt post in the near future when I get some more sewn!



Last but not least – I snagged a copy of “The Complete Encyclopeida of Stitchery” this weekend! It is filled with lots of great illustrations like this one and some stitches I haven’t tried and even a few I haven’t heard of!

Well that’s just a little peak into my latest creative adventures. I hope Spring is starting to show up where ever it is you may be reading from! Keep your fingers crossed for me that one day our dreams may come true and it will come to Saskatchewan too 😉

“No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.” -Hal Borland

Lace and Scraps

My life goal: Never waste fabric. Just kidding I have lots of other goals. However, I don’t think I’ve ever thrown fabric away. I love when I think of something to make out of a left over scrap.  And the best thing ever is when the thing I make ends up being something that I use a lot. I also have an obsession with the remnant bin at my local fabric store. There’s just something about digging through that bin, wondering what rolled up scraps from the end of a bolt of fabric I’ll find. I have found many a treasure in that bin, actually they are what I use for almost all of my embroidery projects! Anyway, I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I make sure to use every last piece of fabric in my possession. So here’s what I did recently:

A couple of weeks ago I posted about a skirt that I refashioned. I decided to use the fabric that I had cut off the bottom of the skirt to make an infinity scarf. It was already a big loop because I had cut it off that way. I picked up some lace and just sewed it along the cut edge.


I love how it turned out, and it’s super cozy! It’s been so cold here so I’ve worn it quite a few times already.  I just have to say, isn’t lace one of the best things ever? I love adding lace to something boring or outdated. It can breathe so much life into any garment. Ever since I made this scarf I’ve been getting a ton of ideas for adding lace to things – I plan to share some in the future 🙂


My Favorite New (Old) Skirt


I just wanted to quickly share my new favorite skirt! The reason I want to share it is because it’s actually an old skirt. It was my Mom’s in the 80’s. Right before Christmas I went through a box of her old clothes from back then and claimed a few things for my myself.  I love skirts and dresses, they’re my favorite thing to wear and I also love things from days gone by. So needless to say, this was an exciting moment for me.



This Knit skirt was actually ankle length to begin with.


All I did was cut it to the length I wanted (plus a seam allowance for the hem) and Hemmed it up using a straight stitch on my sewing machine! It was a little hard to keep the seam straight at times because it is a stretchy knit but I actually really like how the hem ended up looking! A few simple updates here and there and something outdated can easily become something amazing. There’s something about wearing an article of clothing from the past that you’ve refashioned that just feels so good, try it! Seriously it’s awesome. I have plans for more of my Mom’s clothes from another time, and I can’t wait. I have a feeling they will end up being faves….