Hello world!

Hello 🙂

Welcome to my little place in the world. I suppose the first order of business would be to explain the focus of this blog in a little more detail. My number one passion is embroidery/cross stitch.  I spend most of my free time with a needle and thread in hand and a million ideas bouncing around in my head. There are times when I feel like I can’t get the images in my mind onto fabric fast enough. I have always been a creative minded person and art and craftsmanship have always been something that stirs a passion inside of me. However, it wasn’t until I got into textile art that I felt that excitement of being truly passionate about something, that feeling that consumes you (in a good way)!  It is hard to even put into words how I feel about needlework. It’s not just the beauty of the finished project or having a fun hobby to pass the time. I love everything about it.  Experimenting with different fabrics, as well as different threads. Combining different stitches together to create an image that means something. To me, the act of pulling a needle and thread through fabric is the most peaceful and comforting activity there is.
I have also in the past year started using a sewing machine. Not for embroidery…that is something I will always do by hand. It is more of a means to make my embroidery into useful items. I enjoy sewing cosmetic pouches, coin purses, you name something you need a pouch for an I’ll make it, I’m a little addicted to sewing zipper pouches. I am also quite into knitting, although I still consider myself a beginner. I can’t seem to soak up enough knowledge about it and am loving learning new things all the time. To sum things up, I love all things creative, crafty and handmade! I am excited to make this into a place for me to share my work, ideas, projects, and inspiration!